About Us

About Us

BMG Logistics – transport company which was founded in 2003. We employ experienced and trained professionals who can offer the most appropriate transport and logistic solutions, adapted to the specific needs and requirements of our customers. We aim to provide the highest quality of services in today’s changing logistics market.
The company's main activity is complex logistics services.  We offer transportation of partial, complete, multi-purpose cargo on domestic and international routes. The main freight directions are within Lithuania, to / from Europe and the Baltic states.

To meet the customer's needs we are constantly looking for the most optimal solutions based on the latest technologies in the field of transport. We value our customers and we strive to establish long-term and close relationship with our customers. Therefore, we are constantly improving ourselves so we could ensure a high quality service. Responsibility, reliability and professional service -these fundamental values guide us in our everyday life. We do not promise what we cannot deliver but honestly do what we committed to.

If you are looking for a reliable, good repute freight company with many years of experience in providing transportation, please contact our specialists and we will offer you the best logistics solutions.



Transportation Services

  • Express transportation. Delivery time - two / three days. We carry a partial cargo in vans to / from Italy, Austria, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, and Latvia. Door to door service.  Fast and reliable delivery of important documents and other small parcels.
  • Cargo with special temperature regime. We can transport cargo in special trucks with refrigeration equipment. Transportation of this type of cargo requires a certain temperature to meet all health standards.  We deliver internationally such products as flowers, food products and other goods that require maintenance of a certain temperature. The main countries where we can offer very good transportation conditions: The Netherlands, Belgium.
  • Local transportation within Lithuania. We deliver full and partial cargo of urgent, sensitive and small items within Lithuania. We also offer services for the loader.
  • Partial shipments. It is light weight and small volume cargo.  Transportation  of partial shipments is quite fast and economical.  Often this kind of goods belong to different customers and are combined for the same route. You pay only for your cargo volume and weight.

Additional Services

  • Cargo Storage. Our customers have an option to use our warehouses for the temporary storage of goods, loading / unloading, labeling, sorting, etc. This option also helps to reduce the cost of delivery and saves time.
  • Documentation. Shipping documents must be properly completed in accordance with all requirements, standards, and regulations related to the transportation of cargo. We do it for all our customers.
  • Customs clearance. Customs clearance procedures - an integral part of the international transport process. Customs procedures differs in many countries and have different but important details, so it is essential to properly prepare and submit all the relevant declarations, certificates, treaties, etc.
  • Additional insurance for high-value cargo. Insured cargo is additionally protected from unforeseen risks during transportation: natural disasters, car accidents or theft. Insurance price usually depends on the nature of the cargo and its volume.


Local Transportation (Lithuania)

  • Freight transportation
  • Full loads
  • Partial loads
  • Small parcel delivery
  • The express delivery
  • Sensitive parcel delivery
  • Loader (stevedore) services

Available type of transport:

Minibuses (1.5 tons)
Minibus is optimum solution when transporting small loads. All vehicles have a satellite tracking system. Therefore, we can constantly monitor the location of the cargo and promptly inform our customers about its location and delivery time.

Semi-trailers and refrigerators (23 tons)
These trucks are used for transportation of food products and other goods requiring special transport conditions. Temperature maintained can vary from -25 ° C to + 25 ° C. All trailers are equipped with thermographs, car tracking systems.

Trucks (3 tons)
All vehicles have a satellite tracking system. Vehicles are equipped with a hydraulic elevator, which facilitates the loading and unloading process.  Trucks have special tilts which are easily installed and removed, and resistant to water. 

The main freight lines:

Central and Western Europe (the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries).
Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).



We work in these countries:

Central and Western Europe
Baltic States


We are always looking for talented and motivated employees. Interested?
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Shipments within Lithuania, to/from Latvia, Estonia:

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Shipments with vans to/from Italy, Austria, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic:

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Cargo requiring special temperature:

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International shipments within European Union:

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